Music Video for Agnes Obel's "Brother Sparrow" composed  of hundreds of instant film photos and 16mm film. 

Directed/Shot/Edited by ag

Music Video for The Goldberg Sisters comprising thousands of stills. Shot/Directed/Edited ag

16mm music video for The Goldberg Sisters' "The Room." 

Directed/Shot/Edited by ag. 

Music Video for The Goldberg Sisters' "Shush." 

Directed by ag Shot by Mark Putnam/ag

Music Video for The Goldberg Sisters' "Strangers Morning" composed of ag Vines. Directed/edited ag.

Music video for The Reflections' "Summer Days" Directed/Shot/Edited by ag. 

Jimmy Scott in Adam Goldberg's 1997 feature film, "Scotch and Milk"

Promo piece for poet John Tottenham's latest publication, ANTIEPITHALAMIA & Other Poems of Regret and Resentment. 

Directed/Shot/Edited by ag

Short films based on the poems of John Tottenham. 

Shot on 16mm and slide film by AG. 

Documentary short on legendary tattoo artist, Mark Mahoney. 

Directed by Adam Goldberg

DP: Mark Putnam

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